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“Having shared podiums and audiences with Omera, I can vouch for her ability to inspire and entertain in ways that maximise attention and retention of the complex subject matters she has clearly mastered”

– Michael Morris, UK Operations Director.


As a highly acclaimed and sought-after motivational speaker, Omera is regularly invited to conferences and corporate events around the globe to deliver engaging, inspiring and visionary speeches. She also presents her own unique journey; reflecting on her unwavering determination, optimism and self–belief that has led to success. With passion and conviction she tells audiences how they too can reach the top.

Omera’s expertise in presenting combined with an extensive knowledge of supply chain management enables her to deliver complex issues in a simple and thought–provoking manner. Captivating audiences and imparting her enthusiasm for business change, Omera inspires people to: encourage transformation, adapt to the ‘new normal’, embrace uncertainty, build resilience, lead change and be prepared for disruption. Omera challenges established business mindsets and encourages the creation of dynamic teams. Her message is insightful, memorable and leaves audiences energised.

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