From the outset, Omera’s path to becoming a Full Professor and business leader in operations and supply chain management was never pre-destined nor an obvious choice to make. Primarily, this was because academia, supply chain management and business leadership were, at that time, heavily male dominated arenas and still are, albeit to a lesser degree, today.

Omera’s venture into supply chain management
began after graduating in textile design when she chose to pursue her passion for design through an alternative route. After completing a Masters in design procurement at UMIST with much success, the university sponsored her subsequent PhD in Supply Chain Risk Management. Both as a student and starting out as a research fellow, Omera did not have the benefit of looking to other women as role models in this field, as few, if any, had taken this path before. The barriers in business and established mindsets were evident. Omera had to pursue her career, at every step, with tenacity, determination and self­–belief to set a ‘new norm’ in supply chain management.

Her journey has been challenging but immensely rewarding.
Today her success places her as one of just 120 business leaders in Europe invited onto the executive committee of the CILT “Leaders in Supply Chain” forum. Omera, however, states her greatest career achievement as having led the way for other women in supply chain management. She is passionate about supporting and encouraging many more women into senior roles in this field.

Her message to women seeking to advance their careers is:
“Think big; you may not know where your journey will lead you, but if you work hard, adapt and challenge mindsets, you can achieve more than you ever dreamed!” Omera’s vision and exceptional presentation skills motivate and inspire women to believe that they can succeed.

“Gender dynamics are shifting in education and employment. We are seeing more women at the top, more senior roles and a new generation of role models” – Omera Khan.

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