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I am passionate about sharing my specialist knowledge and expertise to advise and coach organizations with adapting and transforming their processes. Having worked with many different companies and business cultures across the globe, I bring both insight and sensitivity to companies facing challenges of transition.

“At a time when significant and rapid change is impacting organizations; their people, culture and environments, the need to embrace and manage business transformation has never been greater”

– Professor Omera Khan

I help companies embrace change, build resilience, develop dynamic teams and prepare for future disruption through customized solutions.
Professor Omera Khan

Professor Omera Khan


A passionate educator and highly acclaimed speaker. Omera provides training and workshops at all levels and specializes in strategic supply chain management, resilience and risk management, emerging trends and technologies, disruptive innovation and business transformation.

What clients say:

Christine Fenger Jensen

Christine Fenger Jensen

Project Manager at Management Events

“Omera has a know-how and a vision for Supply Chain and her presence on stage is amazing. Her presentation about ‘Rise of the ‘on demand’ economy: Transforming the supply chain in an age of volatility’ was well thought out and on point. She is a kick-ass speaker”

Michael Fischetti

Michael Fischetti

Executive Director at National Contract Management Association

“Her articulate portrayal of today’s global supply chain environment, role of technology, merger of various disruptive influences and professional competencies, as well as vision for the future, resonated with our audience and provided the professional and international perspective we were looking for"

Jo Eirik Frøise

Jo Eirik Frøise

Director organization and governmental relations Federation of Norwegian Industries

“Professor Omera Khan is one of the most skilled presenters who always deliver more than we expect. The Federation of Norwegian Industries and Norwegian Shippers Council has worked with her since 2008. Khan is academically highly skilled and can communicate easily with our staff and conference participants. With her professional and good preparation it is always a pleasure to work with Omera. We recommend her both as a lecturer and consultant”

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