Professor Khan is at the forefront of new thinking in logistics and supply chain management. She disseminates critical ideas in current and emerging areas such as; business transformation, cyber risk and resilience, the impact of emerging technologies, design-centric business, sustainability, adaptability, responsiveness and risk management.

Some of the areas in which I can advice: 

Supply Chain Risk Management

Managing supply chain risks, rather than simply managing supply chains, is a more accurate phrase in today’s highly turbulent and uncertain world. Recognising and mitigating the impact of risks to the supply chain is significant to ensuring business success. Omera assists companies in thinking both strategically and operationally to proactively manage risks in the supply chain.

Managing Brexit

With the UK’s departure from the EU on the horizon, Omera highlights parallels in the corporate transformation process and valuable lessons to be gained from business.

Cyber Risk & Resilience

With recent and unprecedented global cyber attacks and further imminent threats, Omera’s work offers an explanation of why current cyber risk assessment methods are insufficient and provides an agenda for both academia and practice.

Emerging Technologies

The development of new technologies such as 3D printing is causing significant disruption to well-established supply chain models. Omera provides insights and answers to future areas and issues of disruption.

Product Design and Supply Chain Alignment

Process alignment in the value chain enables companies to be more responsive and adaptable to changes both on the supply and demand side. Omera guides organisations through simple frameworks and approaches to improve process alignment and enables them to recognise that the ‘supply chain begins on the drawing board’.

Sustainability & Environment

An ever–increasing concern for the planet and in particular global warming presents a growing area for attention. Omera’s work sets out how integration of product design can yield significant sustainability and environmental, as well as bottom-line, benefits.


Volatility, sustainability and complexity are all putting enormous strains on the supply chain. Omera explores how business leaders can mitigate risks, use real-time information to embrace consumer demands and create a resilient supply chain.

Responsiveness and Customisation

Improved responsiveness and higher levels of customisation are prerequisites for success in a volatile market place. Omera has helped many companies in the textile and fashion industry to improve their end-to-end supply chain management and achieve higher levels of performance and success.


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