Textiles in Transition: Are you Ready for Industry 4.0?

We are living in a radical state of uncertainty. Heightened demand volatility, geopolitical risks, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, financial chaos, terrorist attacks, commodity scarcity, social media disruptions, are all taking their toll on global supply chains. As we enter Industry 4.0, further changes are inevitable to disrupt the textile supply chain. Emerging technologies and innovations such as AI, Additive Manufacturing and Advancements in Material Sciences converge with increase Digitalization, Big Data and Analytics to create the perfect storm. We are on the verge of a huge change and this change will have massive implications to the supply chain. Many of them will come from manufacturing and it will radically change the way globalisation has been shaped over the last decades. So we need to re-think the way’s in which we design, source, produce and deliver, if we are truly to stay masters of our textile supply chain.

In this keynote Professor Omera Khan will discuss the key trends that are set to revolutionise our supply chain thinking and highlights the importance of flexibility for developing more responsive and resilient supply chains.

Professor Omera Khan will be presenting this Keynote on Tuesday 24th July 2018.

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